Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

[Janessa Hershberger//Senior]

Congratulations to Janessa for entering her senior year! She is beyond stunning & so humble. She literally was the cutest ever when we first started. After about an hour of shooting, she went from super shy girl, to super model. These are my favorite from our session, you're BEAUTIFUL Janessa! 

[Maryn Joy Dooley]

I am honored to introduce my niece, Maryn Joy Dooley. My family & I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia this past week to welcome home the new Dooley family member! I don't have children, so hearing about giving birth is such a scary idea to me, it's almost unreal. <<Anxiously as we watched Jenessa's (sister) belly grow, it became "real life" what she had to do when she came to the 40 week mark. That was crazy scary to me & I wasn't even the one who was giving birth. For  the 9.5 hour drive to Atlanta I was praying & talking to God, begging him not to have Jenessa in too much pain, to protect her & the baby. As we entered the North Carolina border, my dad called & announced a healthy baby girl & mother. My sister & I couldn't make it to the hospital fast enough. The feeling of seeing Jenessa, Luke (brother-in-law) & Maryn for the first time is unforgettable. Joy, love, laughter & smiles trumped the room. I now look up to Jenessa for being such a strong woman & proud of Luke for being a great husband & father.  I'm sure some think it's lame to be so proud of someone who has given birth-it's not like Jenessa is the only one or has some traumatic birthing story like some others, it was just really heroic to me. I will forever look at "giving birth" in a different way. We're so thankful & blessed that Jenessa & Maryn are healthy. ~My heart truly aches for everyone who experiences the opposite & I pray that God gives them peace.~
Maryn stole all of our hearts. She is so loved & we will all do anything for her. We may not be the perfect family, but we now have a responsibility to show Maryn love & never introduce her to hate. I am probably the worst person with words so I will stop & get to the point. HA.-- Maryn literally hates to be naked, not held, or have her picture taken, so I feel like I failed haha. Here are some of my favorites from our shoot. Jenessa is a marvelous decorator, which you can tell by Maryn's room. Please also notice that Maryn has a dimple in the exact same spot as Jenessa, melts my heart!